Ulrich Bildstein

Actor, Singer, Cultural Manager

Ulrich Bildstein

Hi, I'm Uli.

What am I working on at the moment?

I co-edited a book for the transdisciplinary symposium entitled Fear, Disgust, Failure which dealt with the blind spots of sustainability in May 2023 at the Oberhafen Hamburg.

After Corona, the Hamburger Kammerkunstverein has resumed both its After-Work and its Lunch-Concert series.

In the Oberhafen Hamburg we are working on many great projects such as the Gleishalle, the community garden, formats for (social) innovation, networking and the founding of a cooperative.

With the Berlin Comedian Harmonists we travelled more than 90,000 km and gave over 100 concerts in 2022. In 2023 we are produceĆ­ng a new concert evening with the title "Welcome to the 20s", for which I wrote the text, which will have its premiere in Berlin in 2024, january.

Klangkontor has been placing live musicians in Hamburg since 2010.

And I was allowed to participate in a small lockdown music film project. Thank you, Holger.

Ulrich Bildstein

StockmeyerstraƟe 43
20457 Hamburg


+49 172 4326082